Extended Library Hours on Thursdays!  

Extended hours will begin in the library on Thursday, September 10th, 2015.  Students, accompanied by an adult,

may come to the library from 2:50 pm until 4:00 pm to check out books, conduct research, or catch up on AR tests. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get excited about reading! The library will be staffed by a library volunteer during this time. It will be open every Thursday (except for holidays) unless otherwise noted. If something comes up, we generally post an announcement on the Rocky Hill Facebook page.  


Get Ready to Take Some AR Tests!

Your child should be able to take AR tests at school.  The teachers hold a list for their students.  There is a master list of passwords in the library.  If you have any trouble logging your student onto the AR program, please contact Mrs. Gwathney in the library.


What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?


AR is an assessment program that primarily determines whether or not a child has read a book.  It also assesses a children’s understanding of what they have read.  There are two numbers that AR uses.  The first number is the reading level of the book.  The second number that AR uses, is the points that each book is worth.  This number is based on the comprehension level of the book.  Most picture books and early chapter books are worth half a point (or .5), while more advanced chapter books can be worth more.  This program is not intended to teach children how to read.  Instead, it is meant to help children select books that are on their level.  As they read and have success with books on their level, they will begin to enjoy reading more and more!  Reading is such an important skill, because anything they do in life (understanding directions, working on homework, etc.) is based on reading and reading comprehension.  AR is a program that will help with these skills.


How AR works in Rocky Hill 

Teachers in Rocky Hill are able to choose how much or how little they want to use AR in their classrooms.  Even if a teacher chooses not to do AR in the classroom, any student may participate in the program by reading an AR book and taking an AR test.


Finding AR books

Since we have gone “technical” students can read a number of books that are on the list but are not necessarily in the Rocky Hill library.  That gives students a chance to select from a wide variety of books.


To see if a book is an AR book as well as to see the reading and comprehension levels of the book, please Click HERE.


If you want to know what books are at Rocky Hill: Please Click HERE. You will be able to check on the availability of a book but will have to go into the library to check it out.


The Knox County Public Library has an online catalog, and parents can even set up an online account which is great for choosing books to be sent to a particular library branch as well as to renew books online.  To view the online catalog: Please Click HERE and then select <Go to Catalog> at the top of the page.


Taking AR Tests


There are a number of places where students can take tests.  They can take them on one of the iPads or computers in the classroom (just ask your teacher when would be a good time to take a test), or students can come to the library any Thursday between 2:45 and 4:00 pm to take a test.  The library will be staffed each Thursday by a Rocky Hill parent.  Remember, an adult must accompany students coming into the library on Thursdays.  Please note that tests cannot be taken at home for security reasons. 


The AR Board


Currently, we have a racecar themed bulletin board.  The theme is “Let’s Race into Reading.” The board is divided into sections based on how many points students have earned. Their name will be written on a car (the color of which is based on their graduation year).


To be placed on the board


10 points—Once students who are in K-1st get 10 points they will be placed on the 10-point section of the board.


15 points—Once students who are in K-2nd grade reach 15 points they will be placed on the 15-point section of the board.


25 points—Once students (of any grade) reach 25 points, they will be placed on the 25-point section of the board. Once students reach the 25-point level, they will stay on the board for the remainder of elementary school.


The rest of the board is divided into these sections: 50 points, 100 points, 200-300 points, 400-600 points, 700-900 points, and finally 1000+


At Rocky Hill, we keep track of the points cumulatively from grades K-5, so it is not unusual for a student to reach 1000+ points by fifth grade.




When students reach 10 points, they will receive a coupon and will have their car placed on the board.


Once students reach 25 points, they will receive a Rocky Hill carabiner, and then a blue ring on the carabiner.


For every 25 points after that, the students will receive another carabiner to place on the ring until reaching 300 points.  Once students reach 300 points, and then they will receive a carabiner for every 50 points.


The Rings


Click here to see the ring colors


Lost carabiners or rings


Tell Mrs. Gwathney if your student has lost a carabiner or rings.  Carabiners are $1.00 to replace, and rings are five cents each.


AR Reports


At the end of each month (usually on a Friday), the AR coordinator runs a report to determine how many points each student has earned for that month.  The coordinator will then give the prizes earned for Mrs. Gwathney to give out during the students’ library time.  The coordinator also will give Mrs. Gwathney the top three point earners for each classroom. Remember that it takes the coordinator time to go through each report, so it may take a week or so to go through everything and get everything sorted.

A big thanks to Ms. Gwathney for working hard through the technological glitches and getting us on track.  Encourage your children to use this great program.  If you are interested in working with AR in your child's 1st-3rd grade classrooms, let your teacher know.  The teachers may be looking for classroom help.  







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